What is Paris Playtime?

We are so excited to launch this GO-TO GUIDE for all things Paris and Northeast Texas. This is your all in one place to get the info on all your family-friendly happenings in Paris and surrounding areas. We will also be including Mommy Tips, Money Saving Guides, Local Services, and so much more!

Paris Playtime wants to focus on all you Moms out and we want YOU to be apart of this website! Every month we will be featuring moms and their families. We want to hear what you do, what you want to see come out of this website, and your favorite activities in Paris.

Because local moms are going to be our main focus, we are going to be on the hunt for moms who stay at home, working moms, crafty moms, soccer moms, frugal moms, and EVERY mom in between.

Please contact us with your stories at tiffany@parisplaytime.com or cassidy@parisplaytime.com. Please be patient with us as we are developing the site and shift through your stories. We want to feature all of you!

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